Case Study: Plastic Electronics Supply Chain: Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.

Manufacturer of electrode pastes, sensor and bio-sensor products & contracted research.

The Company.
Founded in 1988 and part of the Gwent Group of Companies, GEM Ltd manufactures material for the electronics and associated industries and is a major supplier of paste and inks.

Products are custom designed and manufactured using cutting edge technology strategies tailored to individual customer requirements. Delivering sophisticated, cost effective electronic materials whether for structural, functional or decorative applications.

Products and markets.
The product range that GEM Ltd covers includes conductor pastes that may contain precious metal or non-precious metal, for all forms of substrates, passive or active components; dielectric pastes for all forms of substrates, passive or active components; polymer based pastes for all forms of substrates both precious metal containing and non-precious metal containing; pastes for sensors, industrial, automotive and biosensors; pastes for all forms of passive components. GEM Ltd also has a complete range of a new type of synthetic metallo-organic materials for the electronics industries and for decorative applications on the full range of substrates or materials. New pastes that can be printed using continuous roll to roll processes, these pastes after printing, are electricaly conductive and can also be electrochemically active, in addition GEM Ltd have a new range of products for the Photovoltaic applications. The ability to address these nascent applications in printed electronics and renewable energy markets, gives GEM Ltd the ability to further increase their signifcant worldwide exports and activities.

Facility and capability.
The production facility of 12000 sq meters of factory space can produce, 100,000.00 to 200,000.00 Kg of paste per year, which is tested and analysed using an extensive range of equipment including the latest computer controlled dispersion kit from 3 Roll and Bead mills to Torus mills.

Manufacturing, development and research is carried out to the ISO 9000 specification. GEM Ltd is also fully accredited to ISO 9001 specification. The success of GEM Ltd.ʼs research can be seen in the six “SMART” awards, various “LINK” awards, three European Union funded grants and many other projects that the company has been intimately  involved with to date.

GEM Ltdʼs, core staff of 26 people, have over 100 years of experience working directly in the fields of paste production for the electronics and sensor industries. By maintaining continual contact and liaison with the leaders in the fields of production processes and researchers of new materials, GEM Ltd ensure they have the in house knowledge to produce cutting edge material, postioning themselves in the forefront of technolgy.

Contact Details:
Gwent Group
Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd
Monmouth House
Mamhilad Park
United Kingdom
Tel: 00 44 (0) 1495 750505

Key Contacts:
Robin Pittson: Technical Director,
Nina Biddle: Senior Project Leader