Large-Area Electronics meets Silicon – from R&D to High-Value Manufacturing

Bringing together electronic systems suppliers and LAE technology providers to accelerate the development of new market opportunities.

Accessing the breadth of the new markets for electronics arising from global megatrends such as wearable electronics, the Internet of Things, smart packaging and smart textiles demands a fresh approach to electronics manufacturing. To achieve new flexible, thin and light product form-factors that are easy to integrate  a  hybrid  approach  to  electronic  systems  design  and  manufacture  is  required, combining conventional silicon electronics and Large-Area Electronics (LAE) – meaning electronic systems which include printed, plastic, flexible or organic electronics technologies. LAE is poised to take electronics into new application spaces but its capability is limited.   Conventional silicon systems now provide unparalleled performance but lack the physical characteristics needed to move electronics off the PCB and into the new spaces.  It is becoming clear that a hybrid approach combining the power of silicon with the flexibility of large-area electronics offers exciting growth opportunities.


Date: October 20. 2015, 9am-4.30 pm

Venue: Moller Centre, Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DE

Cost: Free

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