EuroDisplay 2013, 16-19 September

Featuring a one-day workshop on Organic Electronics, followed by the three-day symposium with two parallel sessions.

Please click here for full details of the 3 day event, running from the 16-19 September 2013.

Jointly organised by the IOP Optical Group and the UK and Ireland Chapter of theSociety for Information Display

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The Programme of the conference consists of a Monday workshop on Organic Electronics, followed by the three-day symposium, which starts with plenary sessions and continues with two parallel sessions.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Dr. Jeremy Burroughes (Cambridge Display Technology, UK)
Dr. Michael Heckmeier (Merck Chemicals, Germany)
Prof. Henning Sirringhaus (Cavendish Laboratory, UK)

Topics that will be covered will include:
- European Display Research topical highlights
- Graphene, CNT and related technologies (Special Session)
- Metal Oxide and other Transparent Semiconductors
- Touchscreen, Haptic and Interactive Displays
- Green displays; low power, ambient light, low input and recycling
- Flexible, conformal and roll-to-roll processed displays
- Display materials; organic conductors and semiconductors, liquid crystals, optical films, filters and substrates
- Energy efficient lighting and backlighting
- OLED displays
- LCD technologies
- Organic transistors, circuits and backplanes
- Display applications; automotive, mobile, projection and microdisplays
- 3D displays and technologies

Ben Sturgeon Award

The annual Ben Sturgeon Award was established at the end of 1991 by the SID UK & Ireland Chapter in conjunction with the British Liquid Crystal Society for young individuals or groups (under 40yrs old), who have made a significant contribution to the development of displays in the UK. The award was named after Dr Ben Sturgeon, R & D Director of BDH, who died in September 1990, aged 64.

Nominations for the 2013 Award should be submitted by 31 March 2013 and further details about the award and submitting nominations can be found at