UK Plastic Electronics Research Conference 2013

10th – 11th December 2013, Burleigh Court, Loughborough



The 1st UK Plastic Electronics Conference was co-organised by Electronics, Sensors, Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network and the Institute of Physics Printing & Graphics Science Group, with support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and +Plastic Electronics Magazine.

It was held over two days in December 2013 and saw 25 postgraduate students and 9 keynote speakers give presentations on the  latest research and developments in the UK’s plastic electronics sector.

Presentations covered a wide range of topics related to printed, plastic, organic and large area electronics including; materials, manufacturing & process development, applications, metrology, graphene and many more.

The event was held over two separately themed days:

  • Day one was themed as ‘Students meet the Industry‘. It consisted of four sessions of concise, 10 minutes, talks from 14 students who presented their research highlights and 5 industry keynote speakers with poster presentations and an exhibition in-between sessions.
  • Day two was the ‘Plastic Electronics Research Seminar’ and saw 11 students give 20 minute presentations on a variety of topics and 4 keynote speakers from leading members of academia and industry.

On this page you can download a selection of the presentations from this informative event.

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Day 1: Tuesday 10th December: ‘Students meet the industry’

09.30 Registration
10.30 Welcome and Overview Dr. Martyn Cherrington, ESP KTN
Dr. Davide Deganello, IOP PGS
10.45 EPSRC & Plastic Electronics Research in the UK Dr. Derek Gillespie
11.05 KEYNOTE: Plastic Logic Sharjil Siddique
11.25 Conventional and Microwave Assisted Processing of Cu Loaded ICAs for Electronic Interconnect Applications Geoffrey Qi, Loughborough University
11.35 Alkyl chain and polymer backbone modification in thieno[3,2-b]thiophene based diketopyrrolopyrrole polymers for high performance OPV and FET applications Iain Meager, Imperial College London
11.45 Scalable Droplet Flow Techniques for the Controlled Synthesis of Semiconducting Polymers James Bannock, Imperial College London
11.55 Poster Session, Exhibition & Refreshments
12.15 KEYNOTE: National Centre for Printable Electronics, CPI Dr. Jon Helliwell
12.35 Automated Spray Deposition for Plastic Electronics Kirsty Roy, Imperial College London
12.45 Controlling Large Area film Formation and Drying for Printed Polymer OLED Devices Ben Mogg, Swansea University
12.55 Laser Additive Manufacturing of 3D Embedded Plastic Circuit Board Using Holographic Optics Adam Hou, Loughborough University
13.05 Manufacturing multilayer thin films for photovoltaics Ruth Cherrington, Warwick University
13.15 Lunch, Poster Session & Exhibition
14.15 KEYNOTE: Novalia Chris Jones
14.35 Dynamics of Polymer Blend Film Formation During Spin Coating Youmna Mouhamad, Sheffield University
14.45 Enhanced Light-Harvesting in Organic Optoelectronic Devices via ‘Nano-Pinballing’ and Polymer Refractive Index Patterning George Richardson, Imperial College London
14.55 Continuous Flow Synthesis of Fullerene Bis-Adduct Acceptors Barnaby Walker, Imperial College London
15.05 The effect of interlayer work function on the recombination dynamics in OPV Scot Wheeler, Imperial College London
15.15 Poster Session, Exhibition & Refreshments
15.45 KEYNOTE: Merck Chemicals Dr. Andromachi Malandrak
16.05 Truxenone-Based Non-Fullerene Acceptors for OPV Sarah Holliday, Imperial College London
16.15 Controlling molecular orientation: exploiting the dipole-dipole interaction between molecules and ferroelectric substrates Alexandra Ramadan, Imperial College London
16.25 In-situ Probing of Molecular Order in P3HT:PCBM Blends by Resonant Raman Spectroscopy Joseph Razzell, Imperial College London
16.35 The use of superposition rheology in functional printing James Claypole, Swansea University
16.45 Wrap-up
17.00 Poster Session & Exhibition
19.00 Conference Dinner Speaker: Dr. Alan Hodgson, 3M / Chair of IOP PGS / Chair of IEC TC119 committee

Day 2: Wednesday 11th December: Plastic Electronics Research Seminar

09.00 Registration, Posters & Exhibition
09.30 Welcome and Overview Dr. Martyn Cherrington, ESP KTN
Dr. Davide Deganello, IOP PGS
SESSION 5: Materials
09.40 KEYNOTE: EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics Dr. Chris Rider
10.00 Organic semiconducting: insulating blends for field-effect transistors Alberto Scaccabarozzi, Imperial College London
10.20 Singlet Exciton Fission in Unconventional Systems Andrew Musser, Cambridge University
10.40 Flow synthesis of silver nanowires for low cost and high performance transparent conducting electrodes Thomas Phillips, Imperial College London
11.00 Poster Session, Exhibition & Refreshments
SESSION 6: Manufacturing
11.30 KEYNOTE: Printed Electronics Ltd Dr. Neil Chilton
11.50 High precision inkjet printing of single nanowire field effect transistors for plastic electronics Greg Rigas, University of Surrey
12.10 Novel room temperature laminate technology to enable the mass manufacture of flexible Organic Electronics Daniel Bryant, Swansea University
12.30 Roll-to-roll Vacuum Fabrication of Organic Electronics Ziqian Ding, Oxford University
12.50 Lunch, Poster Session & Exhibition
SESSION 7: Applications
13.50 KEYNOTE: Welsh Centre for Printing & Coating, Swansea University Dr. Davide Deganello
14.10 Spray Printed Nanoscale Materials for Large Area Flexible Touch-screens Shrawan Kumar Jha, Imperial College London
14.30 Polymer Degradation in Inkjet Printing Joseph Wheeler, Manchester University
14.50 A novel scanning technique for evaluating printed electrode performance Peter Greenwood, Swansea University
15.10 Poster Session, Exhibition & Refreshments
SESSION 8: Graphene
15.40 KEYNOTE: Haydale David Gibbs
16.00 Graphene and layered nanomaterial inks for electronics Richard Howe, Cambridge University
16.20 Development of graphene inks as transparent electrocatalysts for dye sensitised solar cells Jenny Baker, Swansea Univeristy
16.40 Wrap-up, Poster Session & Exhibition
17.30 Close


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