Commercialisation of Organic and Large Area Electronics Course, 23-26 September

Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

OLAE Enterprisers is a 4-day, fun, action-oriented course to inspire and develop entrepreneurship skills through the use of tasks and activities which have been customised for the organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) sector. OLAE Enterprisers programme aims to:

·         Create new business opportunities and potential applications for OLAE technologies

            ·         Unlock the “can-do” attitude, unleash creativity and foster an entrepreneurial spirit

·         Encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas in response to end user needs

OLAE Enterprisers is designed to raise the level of entrepreneurial intent and stimulate new ideas for enterprise and venture creation. It’s also a good opportunity to form networks with a cohort of researchers from a range of OLAE companies and institutes across Europe.

Enterprisers has been running very successfully in Cambridge for the last 12 years with over 1200 participants to date. The course is particularly suitable for early career people or technical people who have had relatively little experience in business areas and is open to participants from industry, universities and research institutes.

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