COLAE – Modular Training Courses

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 23.53.34COLAE is offering a practical course of training modules to provide participants with a thorough overview of each of the key technologies in Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) together with direct hands-on experience of device fabrication in Europe’s leading research facilities.

The course consists of five key modules covering the main OLAE devices and process: OLEDs, OPV, OLAE production technologies, organic TFTs and Smart Systems Integration. In addition, there is the opportunity for participants to attend the ISSON summer school in organic electronics to build up their background technical knowledge before attending the practical courses. Participants can select any combination of modules to meet their training needs.

The Alignment Module - ISSON Summer School in Organic Electronics

This module will introduce the main subject areas in OLAE including materials, device structures, manufacturing methods and applications for participants who lack this background knowledge.

Module 1 - OLAE Lighting and Display Technologies

Module 2 - OLAE PV Technologies

Module 3 - OLAE Production Technologies

Module 4 - OLAE – OTFT Based Technologies

Module 5 - OLAE Smart System Integration

Full details are in the Modular Training Course Flyer