popSLATE partners with Plastic Logic to create the Always-on Second Screen display for their Apple iPhone 5 & 5S accessory

Cambridge, UK – 13th September 2013 – Plastic Logic has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with popSLATE for their new Apple iPhone Always-On 4” second screen display.

popSLATE second screen for iPhone5

Plastic Logic and popSLATE are pleased to announce that, following a joint development programme, the first product will be an accessory for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S, incorporating a secondary electrophoretic display (EPD) from Plastic Logic.

One of the product’s key features is the display: daylight readable, shatterproof, ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. EPD technology is ‘always-on’ in the sense that an image is retained and power only required to write a new image. Plastic Logic’s market leading flexible EPD technology combines their unique plastic OTFT backplane with reflective frontplane technology from E Ink™. These benefits mean this technology is ideally suited to applications such as the high growth market for smart mobile accessories.

popSLATE has pioneered the smartphone Always-On Experience by embedding Plastic Logic’s EPD display into the phone case. In combination with the popSLATE app, users can customise their case with the images they love, create dashboards with the information they need, and use their favourite apps in an entirely new, at-a-glance, context-aware manner. popSLATE is also working with leading artists to create dynamic content channels, so users can ‘pop’ a myriad of stunning images to the backs of their phones.

“As the innovators in the space, popSLATE has created a dynamic new product category and we are incredibly focused on building the best possible product for our users,” explains popSLATE CEO Yashar Behzadi. “Plastic Logic’s solution uniquely meets our product’s demanding design requirements. Working together, our two companies are building the lightest, most durable, and thinnest ePaper second screen solution in the world.”

‘We’re pleased that, after rigorous testing, popSLATE has endorsed our display technology as being the one that meets the requirements for their innovative product. Our flexible EPD technology is proving ideal for smartphone accessory applications, and we are glad to be working with popSLATE in this market .’ said Plastic Logic CEO Indro Mukerjee.

About Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic is the recognised leader in organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) and is at the forefront of research and investment in plastic electronics. The company has industrialised the process and now manufactures a range of high-quality flexible plastic displays. These shatterproof daylight readable displays are ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and very low power, offering huge advantages over conventional screens as they are extremely flexible with proven lifetimes. Flexible displays enable revolutionary design possibilities and are set to transform existing markets, such as signage, wristwatches and other wearable devices, and automotive as well as many others. Plastic Logic is backed by major investors including Oak Investment Partners and Rusnano.

Find out more about Plastic Logic and its robust, flexible displays by visiting http://www.plasticlogic.com and http://www.youtube.com/plasticlogic.

Companies interested in working together with Plastic Logic should contact info@plasticlogic.com.

About popSLATE Media

popSLATE Media, Inc. (San Francisco, United States) is the pioneer of the Always-On Experience for the smartphone.  Its first product for the iPhone 5/5S will release in early Q4 this year.  The company will expand its portfolio in early 2014 with solutions for additional Apple devices and flagship Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.  The popSLATE platform has catalysed the growth of a vibrant ecosystem of artists and software developers, focused on creating ‘pop’-optimized content and functionality.  popSLATE Media, Inc. is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, CA.  Discover more about popSLATE by visiting www.popslate.com.